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Imagine lush mangroves, romantic background music and about two dozen good looking members of the opposite sex. They're hoping to attract large congregations of the birds and re-establish once popular nesting spots in the mangrove limbs of sites like Lakes Passage and Marquesas Keys. While this project is new for the Frigatebirds, scientists think it will work due to their social nature. The most recent population study estimates the herd at 900 to 1,000.

The Citizen reported that scientists from the agency have set up 20 to 30 plastic life-like Frigatebirds with bright red pouches and a sound system that repeats the amorous, but often screeching, mating calls in a series of dating hotspots located on the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. Fish and Wildlife Service say the birds have only laid eggs in the Dry Tortugas in recent decades and there is concern that the environment there might not be able to accommodate enough nesting locations to sustain the local frigatebird population. But the creation of the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key and protection under the Endangered Species Act have led to a comeback.

If you’re dating a Floridian, expect them to show you the same intense love and always have you back when it comes down to it.

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Birdwatchers will be scanning the skies and counting birds in the Middle Keys every day until Nov. When he was young, Jim Hale told a friend he was going to move to Key West and become "the pigeon king." His friend, a budding comedian, thought that was an excellent joke. He did move to the Keys, 30 years ago, and he started keeping and breeding racing pigeons.He's been successful with that, and he's got an unexpected sideline: rescuing the racing pigeons that wind up in the Keys after they're blown off course from Cuba.It might surprise some, but it’s also great place to take a romantic vacation.Floridians are laid back and relaxed until they’re behind the wheel of a car. Nothing can defuse a tense situation on the road like having someone there to vent to.Tabitha Cale with the society says things are dire.

Fifty-seven species of fish and wildlife are so rare or face such threats that they are considered "imperiled" by the state of Florida.

With so many awesome sports teams in the state, both college and professional, each and every Floridian is a die-hard fan of someone.

They’re very passionate people, willing to fight for the things they love.

Now the state has 49 action plans aimed at protecting those species.

Some, like several species of wading birds, share the same habitat so they're covered under the same plan.

Blame it on the weather and the huge amounts of vitamin D that comes with it, but young adults in Florida are some of the happiest people around.