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Speaking of HP, you must keep in mind that every action you take costs HP.

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The gist of it is that you are the long lost princess of the Lunar Kingdom.

Your elf friend Lewis happens to be a servant employed by your new royal family and, as expected, you two become close over the years.

We did enjoy the character design this time around, especially with jokes that poke fun at their unique traits.

Overall, we can say that Kingdom Days Sim Date is one of Pacthesis' best works.

Sometimes, even girls have to spend a little for their guy.

In Kingdom Days Sim Date, shops sell gift items which may be given to potential love interests.

Choosing the right gift may reward you with something sweet at the end of a date and bring you one step closer to your happy, fairy tale ending.

With witty dialogue and thematic jokes to boot, Kingdom Days Sim Date isn't just your ordinary otome game.

Not every move you make is created equal as some costs more than the others.

For example, talking to characters will deduct 10 points from your HP while going on dates with them costs a whopping 50 points.

You begin the game by giving your character a name and distributing 15 points across three stats (Charm, Wisdom and Magic).