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Well, this is where the bleeding of my bank account began.

I paid for her passport and visa (around 0), and her plane ticket (around 00). 3 Days before she was supposed to come, she called me on the phone crying claiming the BTA money had been stolen during the night of her going away party (which I paid 0 for).

Some pocket monet because she spent hers travel to the agency and embassy arranging her flight, a birthday present for her friend Celina, a new outfit for Celina's birthday party, sexy underwear after we had decided that we wanted to get married.

The relationshi developed and when she inquired about us getting to gether, I said I would be more comfortable going to see her first because I been scammed once before several years ago by a Russian woman.

She said she lookewd into information and cost and told me that because it was unseemly for women in her country to be seen entering a hotel with a man she wasn't married to.

She said that the only way was to rent an apartment, but it could only be rented for a minimum of 3 months at a cost of 00.

She then suggested it might be cheaper for her to visit me.

I told her if it helps, have them call me and I will explain everything. I have also included the scans of her passport and visa that I made her send me and I paid for.

She also sent me a couple of her baby pictures, photos of her pets and photos of her mom and dad which appear to make her seem genuine.She called me at least a dozen times during our 2 month correspondence.A month ago while I was having serious doubts about her, she said she would beg the embassy to give us more time to pay the replacement BTA money because we would not have it by the grace period they gave us.She keeps coming at me trying to get help, so I am going to play this all the way through for the fun of it. She reassured me every step of the way she was not only genuine, but told me she had been scammed in the past by a guy named Dave from Canada a few years ago.She told me she also was skeptical and was going to test me to see if I was genuine because she didn't want her heart to be broken again.She can negotiate ,000 photo deals but is as illiterate as they come? As I am a born-again Christian, I knew that what she was quoting was accurate.