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One should realize that geology is full of regularities, from the precise forms of mineral crystals, to the common occurrence of cyclical sedimentation (which at Visoko accounts for the regularity of the sandstone layers occurring at intervals on the order of a meter in many places, separated by layers of mudstones and shales - - a name commonly applied to such a geological feature is “cyclothem” and cyclothems represent natural depositional cycles).

Also, certain “pyramid experts,” including one from Egypt who has been disavowed by Dr.

Having more than a casual interest in ancient pyramids, I wanted to see first-hand what all the pyramid fuss in Bosnia was about.If there really was a huge pyramid, larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt, in Bosnia, then I wanted the opportunity to study it.Detractors, on the other hand, saw the so-called pyramids as simply interesting, but perfectly and completely natural, geomorphologic features - - that is, they are just big hills.Some even argued that the whole notion of the Bosnian pyramids was not just a mistake or an ill-conceived notion, but a downright hoax designed to bring prestige, fame, power, and money to Bosnia, Visoko, and the head of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, the Bosnian-American (he now resides in Houston much of the time where he maintains a business) Semir (“Sam”) Osmanagic (also spelled Osmanagich).On the other hand, if there were no pyramids in Bosnia, that would be important to know too.

So I traveled to Bosnia during July and August 2006.Indeed, on May 12, 2006, ran an article on their website titled “Pyramid in Bosnia -- Huge Hoax or Colossal Find?” It did not help Osmanagic’s case, at least in the eyes of the traditional academic community, that he is an advocate of “alternative history,” and his numerous books (mostly published in Bosnian, the one widely available in English, is titled ) almost seem purposefully written to provoke the ire of traditional archaeologists.Thin sandstone layers, stressed tectonically, broke into small blocks while thick and durable conglomerate layers broke into massive blocks.This is exactly the pattern expected among natural rock formations.I have also spent many years studying pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere, and I feel I have a good handle on the features that distinguish a genuine pyramid. Zahi Hawass, who if anyone can claim to be an expert on pyramids, it is certainly him, has clearly stated that based on the evidence he has seen the so-called Bosnian pyramids are natural formations. Hawass is based on second-hand evidence, since to my knowledge he has not visited the so-called Bosnian pyramids, but I believe it should still be taken into consideration by those who claim there are genuine pyramids at Visoko.) Semir Osmanagic announced it to the press with fiery conviction: “The history of civilization has to be rewritten,” he said.