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As of September 27, 2015, Bow Wow had officially been signed to a new label, Bad Boy Records, which is owned by Puff Daddy.Bow Wow made his first movie appearance in All About the Benjamins, in 2002 as a cameo.Animals School & Academics Anime & Manga Food & Drinks TVOnline Media Books Scary Beauty Celebrities & Fame Love & Friendship Music Health & Nutrition Government & Politics Science & Tech Sports Career & Goals Cars & Vehicles Other"Guys! " I called down to the fellowship, climbing on a high up rock at the top of the hill..

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she can be very glamorous and graceful, at times and she is always there for her friends. You looked around, to see kids swarming around everywhere, as if they were the sea turtles in the EAC in Finding Nemo. "Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this." You thought to yourself. It's not that they did something to you, it's just that they were so goddamn annoying. I was abused by a bunch of kids at school and was raped by five of them. I can't take feeling like they're going to hurt me. That is why I'm scared about moveing to Atlanta.

Even though there is something almost regal about Riley, she is not pretentious; she is open-minded, and loves alternative trends in fashion, fit Life Can be hard when your twin especially if your twin witches. I slowly bent down picking up the hundred dollar bills off the ground. I rolled my eyes and turned to him with a fake smile. You looked around A new animatronic arrived at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and wow, it was beautiful. "Ta Ti come on we got to get to the airport."My dad said.

I don’t know if he thinks all this oversharing will help with his credibility as a rapper, but it definitely helps with his image as something of a sleazeball.

Shad Gregory Moss (born March 9, 1987), better known by his stage name Bow Wow (formerly Lil' Bow Wow), is an American rapper, actor and television host.

Sitting myself on the edge of the rock, I gazed out into the distance. My favorite things to do are drawing, dancing, and writing.

The sky was beginning to darken, and the stars were making a slight appearance, casting Hello!

He also played a supporting role in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in 2006.

Bow Wow also appeared in five episodes of the television series Entourage. Everything is just 'Bow Wow,' no 'Lil' Bow Wow.'" The first album released under his new name was Unleashed in 2003.

Just thought I'd write a few imagines about everyone's favourite blonde haired/blue eyes skilled with bow, and incredibly good-looking elf. almost everything The names Aaleya Nicole Woodkon aka Leya, Princess Young Money I'm 15 years young blow out the candles September 25Th born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada raised in San Fransisco, California I'm really short 5'2 weighing 98lbs. I'm African-Canadian and Cambodian i have a older brother Brandon Woodkon he plays football for New Orleans Saints i guess that all you need to know and i'm signed to young money i stay in the young money mansion in LAKayla Westbrook: //One On The Right.\ I am Kayla and the oldest by two seconds.

(wow that was a mouthful) Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to message me if you wanna make a request😊 Love you guys, Katie xxxx Livian Flame Blade lifted her head, bags under her eyes as she gazed around the room.

I stopped him turning him around barely seeing his face through my tears. I rip it all down to trash everything along with the food that was set on the table August never made his way to the kitchen to devour and I am pretty sure is stale right now. ' i ask hopefully, "It was brilliant Alexandra" he says, i smile hugging both of them as Hakeem and Andre walk in.