Cameron from modern family dating charlize theron

The Bravo star was quick to downplay the report on Twitter, however. How did I manage to be at a @Dodgers game & be in the Hamptons at the same time?!!! 'On May 20 they were side by side while grabbing lunch in Manhattan.

"Charlize and Eric get along incredibly well," a source close to Theron told Daily Mail.

"They started off as friends but things are blossoming between them.

And I meet people all the time that are Cam.” In terms of his personal life, Eric dated Broadway performer Katherine Torkaz for three years before splitting in 2012.

He was then linked to Charlize Theron, but debunked that rumor on Twitter: “I wish people would stop spreading rumors that Charlize Theron and I are dating.

There to share his triumph was a very special plus one, his best friend Paul who gave him the encouargement to audition for his first acting role at university.

star won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Add to that pictures of Charlize and Eric cuddled up at a recent awards ceremony, and celeb watchers were beginning to think they'd stumbled on an unlikely new couple.

And Eric, who plays a gay father on the cult comedy show, tweeted followers to comment on their 'romance'.

Even though Eric says he’s “openly straight,” he has no problem playing a gay man on television. I’m certainly falling in love with Eric Stonestreet more and more each day!

On-screen fiance Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay, doesn’t view it as an issue, either. ” The pair also has a running joke about Eric being “gay for pay.” “He’s straight in real life, and they pay him X amount of dollars to be gay,” Jesse said on initially affect Eric’s portrayal of Cam. But he got the role.” Eric eventually scaled back on Cam’s effeminacy, but still received some criticism.

It’s early day but they’re very fond of each other.”, recently broke up with long-time girlfriend Katherine Tokarz.