Catholic atheist dating

I've been sick and by prayer in my room i've been healed.

i've been broke and by giving to the church i've become so blessed.

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Seun, i really dont know what the essence of all this particular thread is all about. And my advise to others, Dont listen to what you cant handle.

Believe on/ in whatever you believe in/ on and if it works for you, Kool You keep goin on with it.gbengaijot: I av anyway, so i wont comment if i avent.

I believe not just because of what the bible tells me anymore but because i have experienced Jesus Christ in my physical, not just spiritual life.i don't care even if i'm the last person on earth, Jesus Christ came in the flesh and i know he still lives because it "just cannot be a coincidence that he answers my prayers every single time. I am still not surprised at seuns attack of Christianity.

I wonder how God is blamed for every imperfection/harm, pestilence/tsunamiarian circumstances yet when something is done good they say its not Him who did the act.

To me i am not in a position to defend GOd whatsoever.

I wonder how possible is it for u to Judge a person based on human feelings rather than using the laws of the land.You seem to see God like a president bush and the Citizen of the US, who (bush) has to defend everything he does before his citizen.I mean considering a piece of paper that is on your table, will you answer to it?However, when she experienced an emotional healing experiece decided to pay more attention to the bible, she was disturbed by the facts in the bible and eventually became an athiest after asking many questions and not recieving satisfactory answers.Excerpts From An Interview About Her Story I was 38, and I was going through a personal crisis where this guy I'd been dating for four years and totally expected to marry and have a family with abruptly broke it off. I was praying quite a bit -- "God, help me through this time" -- and waking up crying a lot."And then I had one night where I had an experience that I considered to be religious -- it's not like God's face came and talked to me or anything, but I just felt a presence in the room, and then I felt really kind of healed.My mom said, "Well, you're brilliant, but you're wrong! is she really converted to atheism or she is is experiencing reaction formation?