who is cliff richard dating Catholicism and inter racial dating

The question which I would add to your list is: What did the Church do to actively promote civil rights for blacks? The answer I originally put was "No, the Church never denied inter-racial marriages".

Strawberry Jam - there have been three African popes, so it's not true that all have been Caucasian. Peter, the first Pope, was Arabic as well, remember. The Pope, by definition, is the VICAR of Christ -- the representative of Christ.

Christ is the Head of the Church, but that doesn't make him a pope.

But if it did deny inter-racial marriages, with what justification did it use to change its opinion?

Anyway, my main question is, did the Church ever deny inter-racial marriages? Furthering my study of race & religion prompted me to this question.

Interracial marriages Not officially, though there were of course some instances of individual priests having some level of prejudice.

The Church was even involved in the movement to have interracial marriage recognized in the US and has records showing that it performed ceremonies in private for couples that could not be legally married.(id=2585) Would a Catholic have been able to marry a Jew in the catholic church even 50 years ago?I'm not certain, but I do know interfaith marriages were allowed even before Vatican II (with stricter requirements than now) and I don't think that the Jews would have gotten a special exception while other faiths did not, nor can I find anything about it online.Please don't ascribe the behavior of individuals WITHIN the Church to the entire Church as a teaching institution.Can you provide any official Church documents (papal encyclicals, etc.) that encourage or espouse anti-Semitism?In reality, the Church from its earliest days has condemned such, even if its members sinned in that regard.