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Way back in Cold Fusion version 1 we introduced a tag to perform database queries.It was easy to use (well, maybe not in DBML, but we fixed that quickly, and using it got even easier and simpler in subsequent versions), and it just worked.

Unfortunately, adoption of the full HTML5 spec is still slow going among the popular browsers, with Internet Explorer lingering behind (as it always seems to do).Cold Fusion is still the best tool for developing applications rapidly, you may just want to combine it with another tool when looking for rich display content.The truth is that when I wrote that post I did start to explain what I meant, but as the explanation grew it felt out of context for that post, and so I planned a follow-up. Just to be very clear, I am not abandoning Cold Fusion, a technology I have been using for almost as long as it has been around, and a product that I have closely tied my own professional reputation to.I have been a Cold Fusion fan since the day I discovered it, and remain one to this day. Cold Fusion has been around for over a decade and a half, with over a dozen versions brought to market by three different companies. It is my primary development language and it has kept me gainfully employed for about 14 years.

I have seen many improvements in the language over the years. To be clear, Cold Fusion is both a server platform and a scripting language. Many times I ended up writing my own Java Script form validation, because it was slimmer and markedly faster.In fact, if your Cold Fusion code is slow or non-responsive, chances are you have an issue caused by this bad coding methodology. In fact, Adobe evangelist and Cold Fusion guru, Ben Forta made a similar plea back in 2006 (see: Cold Fusion is not a DBMS! The display layer is where Cold Fusion will most always take a backseat to another toolset.Right now, j Query is the tool of choice to get you rich looking forms, grids, effects, and more.Since j Query is widely used across different programming languages, it is easily adopted and supported by most organizations.There are some developers that like to use Cold Fusion to do the databases job.And then we added the ability to work with spreadsheets, and manipulate images, and communicate with Exchange servers, and so much more, all in the name of greater productivity.