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But her name "I" is quite hard for international fans to search on internet...

We'll have to search for "Baro's sister I" or simply "Cha Yoon Ji"...

She really looks like her brother Baro, but pretending to looks like Yoona or Krystal was just ridiculous, nwo people must feel disappointed by her look. if youre gonna compare a new artist with a senior then thats up to you but so far those who have been waiting for her debut since a long time ago are not even disappointed with anything.

She has a bold face expression and she looks really short with her big head. [MEDIA=youtube]POc54vv Xh FI[/MEDIA disappointed of her looks? If u listen to her singing live you would like it she's just as talented as others.

No need to say, Cha-Am is THE place to go if you are travelling with your Thai wife or Thai family.

They will love it and they will feel comfortable here, which is not always the case in other popular resorts.So if you are looking for the "real Thailand", for an "authentic experience", well this is it!However, the sea isn't really crystal clear, so if you want to do some diving or snorkelling, you should go further down south, to an island like Ko Tao or Ko Pha Ngan.Now, she will know what it’s like to be treated like an “abda”–a slave–since that’s how they look at Black people in the Muslim world. Most White Muslims refer to Blacks–yes, even Black Muslims–as “abeed.” Literally it means “slaves” in Arabic, but it’s derogatory and the Arabic version of the N-word.“Abed” is the singular version of the word, and “abda” is the female version of the word. I wonder if the consistently hypocritical “Islamic modesty” will apply to Janet–er, “Sheikha Jackson if you’re nasty,” which the religion and people she’s marrying into certainly are.I was keenly aware that I had to follow my own advice if I wanted to attract a Quality Man.