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One could question the competition because it does very much feel like the aim is to pick the sexiest one, unlike ANTM where it is less about straight sex but more about modelling.

The "Next Doll" challenges seem to involve a lot of butt shaking and skimpy outfits, which I understand but is perhaps not the best message to be sending out to girls the age of the contestants.

Before this he lived in New York, grew a little weed in his apartment, did customer support for a software company that AJ had founded.

Gino spent a lot of time schlepping back and forth between New York and Washington, D.

Antin is a so-so presenter but it would have been a lot better to have had the Dolls themselves more involved in the guts of the show rather than just showing up in poorly delivered video diaries (which look like they are reading off upside down cue-cards) or in tiny sections.

Antin is no Tyra and she doesn't make for that good a presenter.

cretit wikipedia for the pic The Paradiso Girls are another girlband formed by Robin Antin.

The group revolves of members from around the world: Aria Cascalval from France Chelsea Korka from America Lauren Bennett from the UK Shar Mae Amor from The Philippines Kelly Beckett from Barbados The Paradiso Girls is a girl group consisting of 5 members from different countries; Chelsea Korka from United States, Aria Cascaval from France, Lauren Bennett from United Kingdom, Kelly Beckett from Barbados and Shar Mae Amor from Philippines."I've had so much success treating her that I want to shout it from the rooftops," he says.Gino also cites a recent study from the UK that showed cannabinoids attacking cancer cells in mice.Another perk: Since Gino's begun slinging weed, he's become pals with most of the L. See, Gino is a big believer in the healing powers of pot.He claims he gave cannabis extract to an elderly cancer patient and shrank her brain tumor by 30 percent.Yes, the sheer sexual nature of the contest took away from it for me because at times it did come over like America's Next Top Stripper.