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Laura Bell Bundy plays the not-so-dumb blonde Elle to perfection; the odious Professor Callahan is another character who stands out, just in case you'd forgotten why so many people hate lawyers.

This is a high energy musical with a genuine feel good factor to it.

The songs supplied by the husband and wife team of Laurence O' Keefe and Nell Benjamin are excellent; the choreography is spectacular; and the dialogue leaves nothing to be desired.

[ELLE] God, I love shopping for men [EMMETT] Okay, this is nice [ELLE] They walk in a two, they walk out a ten [EMMETT] Is this the price?! [ENSEMBLE] He's hot, hot, hot, hot [ELLE/EMMETT] Here you'll become what you're supposed to be You think you can't, but you can Think of the guy you want most to be [EMMETT] Not quite the guy I'd have chose to be But when she's standing so close to me I think I like her plan [ELLE] Here's your chance to make it [EMMETT/ENSEMBLE] A chance to make it [ELLE] So take it like [EMMETT/ENSEMBLE] So take it like [ELLE] A man [EMMETT] A man [ELLE] A man [EMMETT] A man [ELLE] A man [EMMETT] A man [ELLE/EMMETT/ENSEMBLE] A man “Take it Like a Man” is a song which comes just after Callahan dismissed Elle and Emmett for the day referring to them as; “Legally Blonde” and “Ratty Corduroy.” Elle decides to bring Emmett shopping and help him to impress Callahan by fixing his “casual Friday” vibe.

[ELLE] Don't worry, this is my treat There's someone I'd like you to meet [ELLE/EMMETT] Whoa [EMMETT] I look like Warner [ELLE] Yeah [EMMETT] But it's just me [ELLE] That's the best part The outside is new But now it reflects what's already in you Couldn't change that if I wanted to And I do not [EMMETT] Thank you [ELLE] No, thank you This is no gift It's payment in kind 'Cause you saw beyond all the blonde to my mind Oh, you have to buy it What, are you blind? However, it becomes clear to Emmett that there are other feelings brewing beneath the surface. However, while in workshop, both Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle, who originated the roles of Elle and Emmett, fought for the number.

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