Chrome not updating flash mac

According to Adobe, there was a known bug in older versions of Chrome which "significantly impacted Flash performance".This has been fixed - as far as Adobe is concerned - in the current build of Chrome.It began this chore back in September 2016 with Chrome 53, and by February 2017 when Chrome 56 rolls out by default Flash will be disabled for all users.

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The filename of each plug-in will be listed next to Location. The path names vary depending on your version of Windows.Look at this information, and you'll see that one is stored under [Your User Folder]App Data\Local\Google\Chrome. If you're using Windows 8, for example the path for the integrated plug-in is something like If both these files offer a Disable link, both are active and likely to be the cause of your browser crashes.If the crashing behaviour continues, try going back to about:plugins and selecting to use the other Flash player. This site (page really) started as way for me to easily find the main Adobe Flash tester page (link above) which reports both on the installed copy of Flash in your browser and the latest version for assorted operating systems. Adobe has a second un-named tester page at About_info_that displays the installed version number in a huge font (also available with insecure HTTP). But, that's all it does, there is no indication of whether the installed version is current or not.When you update Chrome, it also updates the version of Flash.

Update: Previously, the solution was to disable any extra Flash plugins, but as has been pointed out in the comments below, the latest version of Chrome shows only one Flash plugin.You can now choose which player you want to retain, by clicking Disable on the other one.Chrome will now use whichever version is enabled on your PC.Look for any entries in the list such as Adobe Flash Player, or Shockwave Flash.If you can see two or more, you have more than one Flash plug-in installed.If you decide to use the installable plug-in rather than the integrated one, it's advisable to make sure you have the latest version installed.