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Your director, chair or Dean's Office can contact the PCard manager and request any changes to your credit limit that they deem necessary.If your PCard is declined for an approved, business-related purchase, please contact one of the following people: Alta Herndon (970) 351-1612 Morgan Gray (970) 351-1836 Mary Jantz (970) 351-2288 Dorian Vought (970) 351-2287 For urgent PCard issues occurring outside of normal business hours at the University, please call Cristal Swain at (303) 883-6992 for assistance.Each card is tailored to the cardholder's purchasing needs to help reduce card declines, and to minimize the potential for fraud if a card is lost or stolen.

If this is the case, then please refer to the section Lost or Stolen Cards.Before disputing an erroneous PCard charge with Wells Fargo, you must contact the merchant who processed the charge to see if they can correct the issue for you.It is important to report your PCard lost/stolen promptly to avoid liability for fraudulent transactions.Once a PCard is reported lost or stolen, a new PCard will be issued to replace the lost or compromised card.When you contact the merchant about a disputed charge, please keep a record of your communication with the merchant; this may include emails, texts, and/or a record of phone calls that includes the name of the person with whom you spoke, the date you contacted the merchant, and the merchant's response.

If the merchant is unable to provide a satisfactory resolution around the disputed charge, then you can proceed with disputing the charge online in the Wells Fargo system.

In addition, some purchases require additional backup documentation.

Food and beverage purchases require an Official Function Form to be completed (with signatures) prior to the purchase(s).

Violations of policy and procedure can result in card suspension, card cancellation, or in some cases, termination of employment.

Work with your department, school, college or program to complete a Cardholder Application.

You will need your 16-digit card number and the last 4 digits of your Bear Number.