Consolidating computer wiring

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It not only looks bad but allot of the time it prohibits airflow increasing internal case temp and causing your PC to run inefficiently..

That is why I always suggest getting rid of them pesky extra fan connectors whenever possible.

One way of hiding and consolidating your wire problems is with a fan bus.

A fan bus also provides multiple extra ports for the serious Over Clocker or gamer to add some extra air flow. Take a bunch of wire ends make a series of connectors and run a current threw them.

Either a 20-pin or a 24-pin versions they do make converters if you happen to have the wrong type for your motherboard...

There are two different standard 4-pin Molex connectors a 12v used for drives and CD/DVD-ROM's and the 5v Floppy type connectors.

Warning This article is design to educate the PC enthusiast any changes to wiring or products can and will void warranties..

These are strictly guidelines anyone that uses them is doing so at your own risk...

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These are used very frequently for additional ports commonly provided with the newer cases for front terminals..