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"She went to her bedroom on the fifth floor, buried herself in that and locked the door.

It’s basics but it’s really important.” Funding for an extra 600 firearms officers was announced by the government last year following the Paris attacks.

1,468 buildings were destroyed, 2,180 were seriously damaged, and 9,103 were lightly damaged; together, this represented 62% of all buildings in Lbeck.

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The lack of accuracy for these bombing missions often inflicted damage to non-military areas; the Allies knew it, but felt it was an inevitable part of war.

Some precisely used this tactic against Germany, such as Royal Air Force Bomber Command's Air Marshal Arthur Harris.

On , 21 Stirling bombers were dispatched to bomb Lbeck; 8 aircraft reached the city and 2 were lost.

On 24-, 13 Mosquito aircraft bombed Lbeck as diversion for the main target of Hamburg (see Bombing of Hamburg later in this article).

“We’ve got large numbers of people we have got degrees of concern about, we’ve got high risk individuals, the highest-risk operations, and that’s one of the reasons that public information helps us.

"We are constantly trying to sift who are the highest risk individuals on our radar, and a member of the public might spot something about someone we think is low priority that we haven’t.” Mr Rowley also confirmed that counter terror officers are helping Norfolk Police investigate the attempted kidnap of an airman outside RAF Marham earlier this month, but that the motive for the crime was still unclear.If you get a chance, run to get away, hide and call us.“I know the case of somebody who had seen the video who was a British citizen who was caught up in the attack in Tunisia in Sousse and she would say that it changed what she did and saved her life.After seeing footage of the destruction, German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary "[t]he damage is really enormous, I have been shown a newsreel of the destruction. One can well imagine how such a bombardment affects the population".Smaller scale raids were conducted against Lbeck subsequently.On the advice to “run, hide, tell”, which is set out in full in a “Stay Safe” online film published by police, Mr Rowley added: “We should all do everything possible to stop attacks happening, but when we look at the events of the past few months in Europe it would be foolish if we were not to put out advice saying if you get caught in something here are some simple rules about what to do and give yourself a better chance of survival.