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Only refinance your federal loans if you don’t plan to take advantage of these programs.At a minimum, lenders want to see that you have a stable job and a steady income, that you use credit responsibly and that you’ve been in the workforce for a little while.Learn more about when to consolidate and refinance federal and private loans.

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The interest rate on a federal consolidation loan was based on the current interest rates on the loans being consolidated.This gave borrowers an incentive to consolidate during the in-school or grace periods, when interest rates were lower.These 4 lenders also allow you to check your rate without impacting your score (using a soft credit pull), and offer the best rates of 2017: If you are in financial difficulty and can’t afford your monthly payments, a refinance is not the solution.Instead, you should look at options to avoid a default on student loan debt. People who are working in the public sector or taking advantage of federal debt relief programs such as income-based repayment or public service forgiveness may not want to refinance, as these programs do not transfer to private refinance loans.

Consolidating student loans via refinancing is best for people whose financial position - in terms of employment, cash flow, and credit - has improved since they graduated from school.Refinancing is a way to save money by replacing your existing student loans with a new, lower-rate loan.To qualify, you need credit in the mid-600s or higher and a steady income, or access to a co-signer.For example , if a borrower had a ,500 loan at 3.4% and a ,000 loan at 6.8%, the interest rate on the federal consolidation loan would be This would then be rounded up to the nearest 1/8th of a point, or 5.375%.Assuming a 10-year repayment term, the monthly loan payments on the 3.4% and 6.8% loans would be .81 and 5.08, respectively, a total of 8.89, while the monthly payment on the consolidation loan would be 8.84.There is no cap on the interest rates on new federal consolidation loans made on or after July 1, 2013.