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Let’s consider a scenario where the end-user is working on a Silverlight application where the data is displayed using Data Grid and he wants to filter the data in the column using some control in the Row Header, something similar to that in Microsoft Excel.- While developing Silverlight Line-of-Business (LOB), application data validation becomes a very important aspect of UI application development.

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WCF actively makes use of Representatial State Transfer (REST) and Java Script Object Notation (JSON) for data communication.In the following article, I will be explain how to consuming WCF-JSON in Silverlight 4.0 application.The data model class needs to implement this interface and then the concerned logic for a specific property can be written.- As a Silverlight 4 application developer, I use the Silverlight Data Grid control very frequently.spent a whole day to solve the problem with the Grid.

The problem was that the datagrid does not update the info after i edit. So if an end-user is using Data Grid for performing Insert or Update operations, then data validations while inserting or updating should be handled.Silverlight provide the facility of using IData Error Info interface for validation logic.To make this possible in Silverlight, we need to take advantage of Styles and Events - In cases where you are fetching data from Master/Detail (Parent-child) relationship tables, users demand a functionality where the Silverlight page contains two Data Grids for holding Parent and Child table data respectively.When a row from parent Data Grid is selected, the child Data Grid should display the data from the child table.In this article, I have demonstrated how to hide/unhide Data Grid columns depending on the user selection - In Silverlight 4, the Data Grid control provides many features for effective data representation.