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The modification was authorized by special legislation, and carried out by Mint sculptor-engraver William Cousins, whose initials were added to the truncation of Washington’s neck adjacent to those of the original designer, John Flanagan.Each state theme was proposed, and approved, by the governor of that state. Circulation coins were made at the Philadelphia and Denver mints. Some statehood quarters were accidentally made with “dis-oriented” dies and are valued higher than ordinary pieces.Twelve semifinalists were chosen, and from these the symbolic entry of Jack L. It features a colonial drummer facing left, with a victory torch encircled by 13 stars at the upper left.

In addition to the circulating quarters, a series of five-ounce silver bullion pieces are being coined each year with designs nearly identical to those of the America the Beautiful?

quarters, with two exceptions: the size, which is three inches in diameter; and the edge, which is marked .999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE, rather than reeded as on the standard quarters.

Proof coins from 1937 through 1972 were made from special dies with high relief and minor detail differences.

Some of the circulation coins of 1956 through 19-D through 1972-D were also made from reverse dies with these same features.

A variety of the 1964-D quarter occurs with the modified reverse normally found only on the clad coins.

In October of 1973, the Treasury announced an open contest for the selection of suitable designs for the Bicentennial reverses of the quarter, half dollar, and dollar, with ,000 to be awarded to each winner.

The procession travelled slowly through central London to St Paul's cathedral for the funeral service.

Sir Winston died six days ago, following a stroke earlier in the month from which he never regained consciousness.

A total of 321,360 people filed past the catafalque during the three days of lying-in-state.

World watches funeral Today, millions around the world watched the funeral procession at home and abroad as television pictures were beamed from 40 BBC cameras placed along the route.

At many football matches a two-minute silence was observed.