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their 30s, and men aren't the only ones guilty of tangling with younger mates for recreational reasons. 30-somethings are too tired for happy hour on Fridays. 30-something guys will make you feel better about your own body.

London dating agency is also an option for those who live in London and want to explore this medium. You still have plenty of age-appropriate single people to choose from.The Emotional Manipulator This person uses your feelings against you.No matter the situation, the blame for every relationship issue falls to you.He swore that there wasn't anyone else and that he didn't want there to be, but months later admitted that there had been others. The One Who Is Selfish in the Bedroom -- and Everywhere Else Fantasies are fun.

He knew the truth would have made me walk away sooner.5. Enacting them with your partner can be physically gratifying and stimulate intimacy.

The One Obsessed With Settling Down These people are so focused on the end-game that they're missing all the fun casual, getting-to-know-you stuff, which is important and exciting. With a person like this, I had to ask myself: "Are they even listening to me? " and "I'm not looking for anything serious" -- make you think twice about even wearing a white sundress, lest they think you're dropping a hint.

Someone who rushes to get into a serious relationship, I've found, has made up their mind where things are going instead of letting ... Sure, they'll tell you that "everyone who gets married is unhappy," but don't be surprised when they get engaged to the person they date right after you.9.

No one bats an eye if you hook up with a 45-year-old.

Yet, that 26-year-old with the tight abs still thinks you're hot.

You know those people who tell you that dating in your 20s is joyous, carefree and full of possibility? I am here to tell you that dating as a young adult is more like a vast expanse littered with trash fires as far as the eye can see.