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In order for your ex to successfully get a restraining order he would have to prove that you being with your boyfriend is an "unreasonable risk to the health, safety and welfare of your child." If you choose to keep your boyfriend away from your child for your own reasons, that's fine, but I sincerely doubt the court will make you do it.

Good luck :)Thanks NG, I hope the court sees it that way. ) that were set that I can refer to when going to court? My soon to be ex just got a job as a CO.:cool: Sux - it is all a control game is what it is....

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They can't handle losing you - much less to a felon so they do what they can to control you and make themselves feel better without regard to the children. My ex is having a fit and he took All my kids and left my 3 older ones at a grandparents house without calling.

I thought he was going to visit family and bring them back.

The only way the Family Court would outright deny custody is if you or your boyfriend were convicted of first degree murder (or anyone in your home is convicted of murder) or a "family offense", meaning domestic violence against the child, or your ex.

First and foremost, the family court will do what is in the best interests of the child, not what is in the best interest of your ex-husband.

My soon to be ex-husband has put a court issued restraining order against my boyfriend from having any contact with my daughter, but I think if my boyfriend and I eventually got married. That is what I have heard.iznam - From what you've said, it seems that you have nothing to worry about.

New York Family Court is known for not being very "father friendly" when it comes to issues like this.Also, your soon to be ex would have to prove that your relationship with your boyfriend is detrimental to the health, safety and well-being of your child.Since your boyfriend has a child of his own and has visitation, that doesn't seem to be the case.Stay strong, have faith, and get an aggressive attorney and you will be ok!! :thumbsup: In work with legal aid, I can tell you this: do NOT count on the judge being friendly.You'd better find out what kind of judge you have before making the mistake of putting ANY boyfriend before custody of your kids, especially if you don't have a lawyer and he does. His crime had nothing to do with children or domestic violence.