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The Stone Circles of Senegambia (now World Heritage Sites) are believed to date back to 3 BC.

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The Tekrur rulers first converted to Islam and most of the kindgom followed soon after.After the Almoravids attacked the Ghanaian Empire, it slowly lost power and influence, giving rise to the Mali Empire in 1235.He won the 2009–10, 2011–12, 2012––14 league titles as well as the 2010–11, 2012––14 Belgian Super Cups.His second goal of the season came on 8 February 2015 in a 1–1 draw with Manchester United.In the same year, he was announced to be in the squad for Senegal Olympic football team.

He played in every game as Senegal's debut appearance in the tournament ended in a knockout in the quarter-final.

He subsequently moved to Belgian rivals Anderlecht on a four-year deal for a free transfer.

Kouyaté went on to make 153 league appearances for Anderlecht, scoring four goals in five seasons at the club.

The Tekrur Kingdom (Tekrour), formed around the Senegal River in Futa Toro (Fouta Toro), is one of the earliest recorded kingdoms.

Although the exact formation date is unknown, historians believe it began in the early 9th century, around the same time as the Ghana Empire formed in the east.

After breaking in to the first team, he went on to play just ten appearances before moving to Anderlecht aged 19.