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I have a Kazou YAIRI CY140CE serial#71001 and heal stamped 08 11 099 for sale.

It was made in November of 2008, and is in pefect condision, zero scratches, and only played a handfull of times.

The following series of charts contain the most accurate information Guild has available for discerning the date of manufacture of Guild guitars by serial number.

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The very early guitars "Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi" were made by him at the Gifu Factory.

Alvarez were build in Japan up to mid 1980's, then in Korea.

Alvarez is one of the top three leading acoustic brands in the USA, and for over 40 years Alvarez has crafted acoustic guitars with a unique combination of quality and affordability.

View All Information Alvarez guitars have been favoured by many famous musicians for their bright, clean tone.

It has stereo pickups where you can run two cables from guitar with two volume pots and two eq pots.

The lower front of the guitar is inscribed with the signature of K. It is in good condition with a few dings on the body and a little fret wear. Comes with hardshell case but handle is missing from case. My dad bought a Yairi DY57, Serial 12628 (manufacture date January 18, 1976) brand new in January 1977.A guitar maker told me he could fix it no problem but at that time I didn't want to put any money in it.I thought I might sell it now because it's rarely played anymore, depending on what I can get for it.few of my other guitars there have a look thanks Dan Hi, I bought a new K Yairi in 1986, as a divorce gift to myself. Would like to know what it may be worth, and anything else. Was offered 0 from a pawn shop and didn't know it that was a fair price or not. Many thanks David Great condition, sound, finish, etc. I bought this new around 1974-75 and has original case.LOL I would appreciate any info any can give me about it. It say's, hand crafted, Date 1986, Model No AR321, Serial # 86534. Anyone interested in looking at it around the Columbus Ohio area? It is in excellent condition except for a small crack in the headstock that I've never been too concerned with because its been there now for 25 years (it sort of got sat by my young daughter while on the sofa).Thinking about selling and just wondered what it would be worth. I have the guitar (in almost new condition , BTW) which he sent to me some years ago.