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“Does your sweetie always insist on picking up the check at a big dinner and/or throw down his or her credit card without even looking at the bill?While this could be a sign of innate generosity, it could also be a red flag for someone who is trying to show off and is doing so by living beyond his or her means thanks to the ‘friendly’ help of credit cards,” says Manisha Thakor, author of Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money with Your Honey.

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On the flip side, someone who is truly giving will be concerned about you having a good time within the confines of his or her unique financial situation. Kimberly Dawn Neumann has been called the “Carrie Bradshaw of Broadway” due to her two careers as a performer and writer.

The author of two books — The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First — and countless magazine articles, she’s also the founder of Dating Diva

Try casually mentioning the issue to potential dates early on.

For example: “Since money’s such an issue these days, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to go Dutch or take turns when we go out. ” This will open a dialogue about money in a non-threatening way.

“Everybody is being cautious with money in this economy, but a generous date will try to find ways to show you a good time while still maintaining budgetary balance.” In other words, if your date offers to cook you dinner at home so you can attend a Broadway show together, that is a sign of generosity with fiscal prudence.

There are other ways to be generous as well; for example, spending time together (i.e., helping you with a project) or routinely looking for ways to make things easier for you. “Someone who earns a lot and has accumulated assets can be a cheapskate while someone who has modest means and little to no assets can be extremely generous with what they do have,” says Jacquette M. Cash in on the following advice from top financial and dating experts to spot a smart money honey. The first thing to keep in mind is that being a cheapskate or a money-smart dater has less to do with the current economic climate and more to do with mindset, philosophy and approach to money. And in this penny-pinched economy, dating and money can definitely become issues.Timmons, financial coach, trainer, and author of Financial Intimacy.“The unfortunate reality is that over two-thirds of Americans routinely live beyond their means…in today’s credit-driven society, the guy with the big house or flashy car or the gal with the expensive handbag and designer stilettos may well be presenting an exterior image that bears no resemblance to his or her true economic reality.” In other words, watch out for impulsive or compulsive spending as those are not true hallmarks of wealth and could actually indicate financial immaturity or “It is very important to look for generosity in a person — and this has nothing to do with how much money someone makes or has in the bank,” says Dr.