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As soon as I did, BAM, I am back to being harassed daily.I’ve literally ordered twice from these guys, and probably received in excess of 100 calls.**We do appreciate the huge effort involved in bringing quality, mostly Australian products right to our front door. We have been using Aussie Farmers for a few years now. The meat is always top quality and vegetables fresh.

Now, what hoops do I need to jump through this time to get removed from the call list?BTW the food is OK, not very good value for money compared to Harris Farm. It just seems wasteful that they are not recycled in some way.So we end up with masses of perfectly good boxes/ice packs etc. We're really sorry to hear that has been the case Steelpaw, could you please send us an email at [email protected] with your account details, and we'll be able to add delivery instructions to your account to ensure your Driver doesn't swap your esky over again. I don't think I have ever had the same esky and assumed they were filled at the depot, deposited outside my house and the empty one taken away for re-use.My orders are delivered in the early hours of the morning and I can understand the milko not wanting to transfer the order into the empty esky on my doorstep, especially in winter.I also have to admire the quietness of the delivery person, delivered on a stool under the bedroom window without a sound.

Now I will never buy anything from this company again this one is located in the western suburbs location Hobson s bay my coleslaw was off on a few occasions, on many occasions the driver has left my refrigerarated stuff on the porch in no cooler bag just on top of a cupboard box by 7am the milk and cheese are warm this it's absolutely disgusting and very poorly operated meant to be run by a fresh company they say!

I was fed up at this point and then called them back.

[name removed] was great on the phone and took my number off the system and told me they might call again as it may take a day but just to ignore it.

I let it persevere for two more deliveries then the last delivery I had the bag of carrots was growing green things (like potatoes when they grow their white stems).

I called them, got a refund for the carrots and then cancelled my ongoing orders immediately.

After a few weeks I then started receiving phone calls every single day for two weeks.