Dating fender tube amps serial number part 1

The 6V6 powered amp offered about 16 watts through a Jensen 12” Al Ni Co speaker, foot-switchable tremolo, two channels, and small cabinet.Its tone is all Gibson, though, with bite and edginess, a hard tremolo cut, and much color shaping with a turn of the tone control.No corrosion on the control plate, tweed covering is gash-free with good corners, grillcloth is clean. Its tone is a little rough-edged, and matches up well with brighter De Armond equipped guitars or most any Gretsch.

The tweed, grill, handle, knobs, back panels, and innards are all there.The work was all done to the highest professional standards.This example is in exquisite condition, and has just been well serviced. Among the most rare and sought after Gibson amps, the tweed GA-77 is incredibly dynamic and present.All original parts included, 100% original before service. With a beefy and fast attack, a good amount of clean headroom, 15 inch speaker bigness, and mid-volume-level break up, the Vanguard is a perfect gigging amp.Original footswitch and output transformer provided. There is not much out there that sounds as good as this thing does when you inch up the volume past half-way.

In pretty much original condition, this amp has been well serviced and has had the following minor changes: Original Jensen P-10R's have been re-coned, the power cord has been replaced with a grounded plug, the standby switch, presence pot, and speaker jack have been changed.Steel serial # 6260, Amp serial # C12446, amp and speaker production code JA (January, 1960), capacitors, tubes, and pot all dated late 1959. A one owner, completely original Fender Champ Steel and amp set. No modifications other than that the cloth insulation of the speaker leads were cut (not the wire, itself; and we can’t tell you why).The amp has never been serviced and works beautifully, with creamy drive and excellent volume.New reverb pan and choke, new old stock speaker, and replaced AC cord, along with the usual caps and a couple of resistors. The 6G2 Princeton was introduced in ’61 in a brown tolex 12 watt combo.Probably the most tone you’ll find anywhere close to this price. By 1963 the brown was dropped in favor of the new black tolex and faceplate, but at the time this amp was built the white knobs were still in use. By 1964 the 6G2 was replaced by the AA964 with separate bass and treble controls and true “Blaceface” looks.Original hardshell case, with original fender-branded polishing cloth, patch cord, slide and picks. No changed circuitry but for a newer rectifier tube, this Champ does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. Serial # 36652, Jensen P12R coded 220913 (early 1959), Capacitors and tubes also dated early 1959.