Dating for people with mental illnes

We want you to be happy which is a rare philosophy and we hope to make the awareness of mental illness which gets a bad name, and make this our safe haven.This site is for us by us and we will always make sure to keep Mental Illness Dating a place where privacy and love is the foundation that we more forward with.

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I encouraged him to seek out a mental health professional and even suggested that he may need medication.

He was concerned that this may mean he was weak or defective. There should be no shame in seeking mental health guidance or treatment.

Shame can be found if you don't take care of your self and seek help. " Or he would say, "You just don't do that to someone," to which I would say or think what was done is really not a big deal.

Off his medication, his relationships were always a source of anxiety and stress for him. However, once he was diagnosed with chronic dysthymia he went on celexa, and his relationships started to have more meaning.

The majority of site users are single professionals who want to meet someone.

If you are looking for true love and are serious to meet other singles for a potential long-term relationship you are in the right place. uk is a dating site that caters to many groups and niches, one of the more popular is the single parent dating niche, allowing single parents to meet other single parents who are looking to get back into dating.A friend of mine recently went off of his medication for chronic dysthymia, and it was a disaster to his relationship with a woman he was dating.This has been part of a pattern of on-again/off-again with his medication for some time. He was very despondent and seemingly even contemplating suicide.Unfortunately, the side effect of the medication was that he gained about 10-15 pounds. He split up with the woman he would be then dating. He suspected that she may be cheating on him after she canceled a date with him.He took the canceling of a date to be a very personal affront to him and disrespectful of his time.Mental Illness Dating is a site that helps connect others without judgement.