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By 1972, all women could obtain a prescription for birth control, regardless of marital status."The freewheeling 1970s made shows like The Dating Game seem downright chaste," proclaimed Katie Couric in a 2005 Today Show segment.

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"No one felt the need for a marriage license to have sex and the pickup scene at bars stayed in full swing throughout the next decade." The next major television dating show was Love Connection, which debuted in 1983 and followed a different format.

Instead of watching the matchmaking process, the TV audience would meet a couple for the first time after they had already gone on a prearranged date.

Each contestant was introduced to the audience before the bachelor or bachelorette (way before The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, this is how dating shows referred to those seeking love on TV) was brought to the stage, seated out of his or her eyesight behind a rotating wall.

After several rounds of questions, the bachelor or bachelorette would make a decision. starred Farrah Fawcett as the bachelorette in March 1969, just a few days before April Fool's Day.

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Despite its popularity, The Dating Game wasn't the most accurate portrayal of romance.Instead, it felt like an idealized version of the not-too-distant past.More women were entering the workforce in the 1960s, and the second-wave feminist movement was well underway.Television, which became a familiar device in people's homes in the 1950s and ‘60s, further contributed to our understanding of what a date should be.Everyone watched the same shows, and those programs inevitably depicted characters dating.In the 1920s and ‘30s, the concept of "dating and rating" — in which a woman's popularity, or rating, was determined by the amount of dates she had and the quality of men they were with — took hold on college campuses.