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Today we unveil a map of the unfolding Greek crisis as seen through the eyes of the world's news media July 13 to July 18, 2015 (GMT timezone).Unlike our previous maps, which have displayed dots at each location mentioned in the context of a topic, regardless of where the underlying coverage originated from, this choropleth map does the inverse: each country is color-coded by the percentage of that country's own news coverage (news outlets based in that country) that focused on Greece, while clicking on a country will display a list of the first 50 articles from news outlets in that country discussing Greece. Sindbad Platform realizes coach transport to such countries as: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Danemark, France, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain.

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These measures will have a significant positive impact on the sustainability of Greece's public debt.They include: Following the assessment of risk, financing needs and debt sustainability, on 13 July 2015 the leaders of the euro area countries reached an agreement with Greece on a set of prior actions that needed to be implemented in order for negotiations to start on the conditions to be set out in the memorandum of understanding.Type of visa : Either “A”: Airport transit visa (this visa does not allow you to leave the “international” zone or the “customs” zone of the airport) Either “C”: A short-stay visa (a stay of less than 90 days) Either “D”: Long-stay visa (a stay in France of more than three months) Number of entries Either “MULT,” which means you may enter the Schengen area an unlimited number of times Either “1,” which means you may enter the Schengen area only once Either “2,” which means you may enter the Schengen area twice Length of stay : This is the number of days during which you are authorized to stay in the Schengen area (i.e., respecting the validity period of your visa).If the Consulate issued a circulation visa (for one year or more), the number indicated is “90 days,” because you are authorized to stay a maximum of 90 days per six-month period. We offer coach tickets to almost all countries in Europe.

For tickets purchased online it is possible to pay with a credit card or bank transfer.The financial assistance of up to €86 billion under the programme is provided by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).Greece made an official request for stability support in the form a government loan from the ESM on 8 July 2015.Since Greece was such a popular topic, only the first 50 articles from each country are listed.We're tremendously excited about this new mapping methodology for GDELT, as it opens all kinds of new possibilities for geographic access to the world's news! Carto DB should automatically georeference the country labels into their respective polygons and create a polygonal layer in the resulting map.This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.