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In Florida, the north-south dividing line is from Cape Canaveral [28.45N] to Tarpon Springs [28.17N].The dividing line between west-east Florida goes from 82.69W at the north Florida border with Georgia, to Lake Okeechobee and due south along longitude 80.85W.) Occasionally, a hurricane will cause a hurricane impact (estimated maximum sustained surface winds) in an inland state.My favorite hobbies would include the outdoors,and all kinds of sporting ac...

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Indicated central pressure given is that at Mexican landfall.

Additional Note: Because of the sparseness of towns and cities before 1900 in some coastal locations along the United States, the above list is not complete for all states.

Maximum Winds: Estimated maximum sustained (1-min) surface (10 m) winds to occur along the U. (1 kt = 1.15 mph.) * - Indicates that the hurricane center did not make a U. landfall (or substantially weakened before making landfall), but did produce the indicated hurricane-force winds over land.

In this case, central pressure is given for the time that the hurricane winds along the coast were the strongest.

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A very active weather pattern will continue through this weekend.

Heavy rain is expected in southern California with isolated locations receiving up to 10 inches by Saturday morning.

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Established in 1991 as a small environmental drilling contractor with one rig, Connelly and Associates, Inc.