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Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia): After doing a spiritual performance that got a lot of downloads last week, Cuevas returns with a gospel song, partly in Spanish.

His fans may not vote much, but they sure can tweet.It’s only another week ’til the finale, though, and there are still a few singers I want to see do well, so I watched once again: 1.One is the cover of a popular song (which is what they’ve been doing all season).One is a duet with their team coach, and one is the debut of their new i Tunes single. Josh Gallagher, Team Adam: Gallagher says he thinks Adam turned out to be the right coach for him because he’s been able to show an experimental side.I was prepared to vote for him as season 11 champ, but Team Blake lost both him and Courtney Harrell.

At the same time Team Miley’s soft-voiced Aaron Gibson squeaked by with the Twitter Save for the third time in a row.Adam jumped at his chance to compete with Team Blake on country-music turf, and it’s time for a showdown. He may provide the most heartfelt performance of the evening with “At Last,” an Etta James song.All the judges stand and clap at the end, and Daly notes the crowd’s excited, too.Former child star Billy Gilman doesn’t have the same level of consistent fan support last season’s Alisan Porter enjoyed, there are two hardcore country singers (one on Team Adam, one on Team Blake) splitting that vote, and the most surprising finalist, We Mc Donald, reps a young urban demographic that would otherwise be absent.So let’s see if the final four’s performances on Monday night give any hint of who will win Season 11. Billy Gilman, Team Adam: Tonight the contestants are singing three songs.Adam still thinks this evening’s performance is “one of the most definitive moments” of Gilman’s career. We Mc Donald again: The evening closes with young We showing she can sing like Streisand on “Don’t Rain on my Parade.” (I thought I remembered it from instead.) I voted for Gilman and Gallagher.