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The application form must be signed in original and accompanied by a curriculum vitae (resume).

In the application form, the applicant must: The procedure for the authorization of the “Permesso di Soggiorno” (residency permit) must be initiated within 8 days of arriving in Italy in order to validate the 12 months visa.

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, there are quite a few holes, but the cap is generally in sound condition and will make a great display item in any good WWII collection. The eagle is the same and is for a lower rank because it does not have the inverted V bullion patch.

The bunting and the cord that surround the crown are also in the same very nice condition with silk liner and leather sweatband. PRICE: 0.00 DESCRIPTION: This is a very nice example of the traditional black fez of the MVSN.

Seriously, however, this is a very sharp-looking Italian forage cap and really quite rare in any condition.

It has the proper bullion eagle device as the caps badge, and the proper crows feather with the holding insignia.

What we are saying is that the piece, although great looking, is, unfortunately, full of moth holes.

Those damned moths are very fond of Italian food, or it would seem so.

Furthermore, the Working Holiday Program allows them to find work opportunities in Italy for a maximum period of six months.

The Visa is not renewable and participation is allowed one time only. Canadian citizens residing in Canada between the ages of 18-35.

Therefore, the holder of the Working Holiday Visa is kindly requested to visit the “Questura” (Police Headquarters) with his Canadian passport, and a photocopy thereof, along with 4 passport-size photos and one “imposta di bollo” (tax stamp) of Euro 16, and submit application for a “Permesso di Soggiorno” by filling out the appropriate application form.

The addresses and contact information of the various “Questure” are available at:

They were originally formed in 1872, and their mission was to protect Italys northern mountainous borders.