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Unlike some dating sites which require extensive personality tests, Lavalife is more open, allowing members to contact one another on a casual basis.

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Please save yourself some money and stay away from lava life.Several years ago, I was bombarded with the advertisements on TV to join Lavalife for free, so I did out of interest.There are not many people who are interested in finding relationships and there does not seem to be as many active or genuine members compared to other dating sites. The support desk just gave me but the terms and conditions say blah blah.I hate people that hide behind there terms and conditions when clearly there site is just bad and prefer to rip people off.Non-paying members can receive messages, but not initiate them. Lavalife has three “tiers” of connection styles: dating, relationship, and intimate.

Other features include: With Lavalife’s simple layout and many contact tools, you’ll be talking to singles of interest and going on dates in no time.Lava Life seems to have very poor standards since the experience was very different to other dating sites.Several replies that I received were very obviously out to get money which has never happened to me elsewhere. They will lead you up the garden path without a care in the world and you won't know it until you have wasted your hard earned. I tried to get my money back from them as I found the site terriable and way to much ladies that just want me to go to there site and buy there pictures.- There are not enough foreign ladies, I found this site in Google as I was oringinally looking for a Russian datingsite, after being on other sites I decided to look about for any othere sites, dissapointed with the quality of profiles. it has some good points of course such as stylishness but stylish websites dont get inactive members to come to life. the add on the internet are enough to get any man/woman interested! so when we put this together it is about a half and half when it come to deciding wether to love or loath. - lava life is an expensive,silly way of has no good feature and most members are inactive.a big waste of money and places like e-spin and pagii are much!like the chat feature, but thats about it - hmmm full of men wanting sex,i put a profile up in relationships yesterday, immediately started getting msgs from men but all of them only wanting sex.Majority of profiles appear to be computer generated.