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I know I’m scaring a few people out there, but the private nature of online romance can lead to some security concerns.

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You could even say that it is natural and “human” for people to feel attraction to one another when they communicate over a period of time.

Online love and romance takes place all of the time, and usually begins as a back and forth of communication, be it emailing, talking on Myspace or Facebook, or commenting on blogs, etc.

Once you and your online lover have created a sense of trust with each other, you can venture into deeper territory.

The difference between withholding this information online and in person is that in person, these details tend to show themselves.

I’m not suggesting you submit your online romance to a kind of interrogation — but falling in love with someone, even online, requires communication, and communication always leads to certain topics, some of them sensitive.

You can talk about people you admire in your life, talk about your families, your achievements and goals, your most prized possessions, your dreams, your strengths and weaknesses, and maybe most importantly, talk about just what kind of relationship both of you are looking for.Unless you’ve developed a serious sense of security with this person, it is usually a good idea to bring a friend along to ensure your safety.Be honest with your online lover and tell them in advance — “My friend is going to be with me — it isn’t that I don’t trust you, I’m just being safe”.So, when you take plunge and have set up an online relationship, there are guidelines to doing it successfully.Never create a misleading identity — this never works.Once you hit the “Send” button there’s no going back — so be sure your messages to your online love are accurate, truthful, and grammatically correct.