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Although both of them are preety & a good company, am only worried in making this decision becos i understand there could be risks getting myself 'hooked' in marriage with these two professionals.I do solicit your opinion, experience & advise in making choice from these two people. Like d doctor chic,if u have more home-time, she won't, that is if she has a very good job.Doctor Ego: Fact is, doctors had to study more and grill themselves for longer hours doing harder work than any engineer will ever do.This might lead them to think that doctors are better than engineers or anyone else. Family awkwardness: You might end up feeling a bit ignored in case your family members get more interested in discussing their minute health issues to get free consultation than pampering you like you were used to. Then there is also the pressure of standing up to the expectation of 'how can a doctor and non-doctor work it out together? The doctor vs the spouse: Often when you will hold her hand, she will suddenly observe some weirdness in the bone structure of your hand and start cautioning you against medical conditions you have never heard that affect body parts you never knew existed.Educated and intelligent single ladies are seeking worthy partners to share life and establish serious relationships.

Connect with beautiful ladies doctors who are ready to relocate.Not technically qualified to answer this question since I am not married to one, but have been dating a doctor since last 8 years.A little bit of a background, I became an engineer, and then did MBA.I have dated my lawyer fiancee for 1yr now by october but she seems litle bit too smart & some how 'disloyal' for my fears as an African man.The doctor sometimes could be too conservative which i really dont understand whats she's made up of in the inside.Doctors usually look 4 brighter opportunities n dat could take them out of ur state of residence. D lawyer chic, oboy, u will argue like u r in d court room. Like d doctor chic,if u have more home-time, she won't, that is if she has a very good job.