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This can also be a recipe for disaster because the opposite extreme of what you had is rarely the good fit. Before you step into the next relationship, make sure you are clear on as a partner.

Taking this time to do the work will definitely guide you as you navigate back into the dating pool.

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I have a particular passion for helping my generation of Millennials find love, happiness, and longevity in their relationships.

Oh yeah I have conducted several studies on the Love Thinks programs as well as research on the high divorce rate of female soldiers.

But the usual bad news is that love feelings are not a reliable source of change. But relationship research has consistently found that when dramatic changes happen after a new relationship they usually revert back to the pre-relationship state by the end of the first year. No, but if you hear one of these lines explore whether or not your partner has put work into making lasting changes from their past.

Also, get to know their previous romantic relationships.

Or, you may have a blind spot to some distant unresolved hurts that you are trying to repair through your dating relationships. We’ve got a really helpful 7 days to dating differently challenge that could help you get started! Setting firmer boundaries and really taking time to deepen how much you know your partner can help you to avoid repeating this common dating mistake. The pendulum swing-partner This one is so stinkin common!

Unfortunately some people do this and end up marrying their pendulum-swing partner and then years later realize “oops”. Ok so the pendulum swing is basically when you end one relationship and then quickly enter another relationship with someone who has qualities that are the opposite extreme of the person you just broke up with.Almost always when this happens, you will think that you’ve got it right this time, only to later find out that you were way off. This can happen when you jump too fast into a new relationship and haven’t given yourself enough time to process what went wrong in the previous.Let’s say you’ve dated this person who was so wonderful but kind of socially awkward and maybe, dare we say, a bit nerdy. The thing about dating and love is that it is so often considered something that should be intuitive and easy so people approach it with a philosophy but, in reality, dating takes work and thought and intention. This is a big one and unless you possess super strong self-control, then I’m sure this dating mistake has gotten the best of you before. You fall fast and hard and your partner can do no wrong. So you drop your friends and invest all your time and energy into this perfect person.Sometimes, this tendency is a result of avoiding some past pain by projecting your ideals onto someone else.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. == "undefined") else if (typeof document.webkit Hidden !