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Afterward, Walter shows Margaret all the money they have made from the sales.

He tells her they are a great team, she can stay at home painting and he will sell her works.

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On a Hawaiian radio show, Margaret reveals she is the real artist behind the paintings attributed to Walter, making national news.

Dick Nolan publishes Walter's claims that Margaret has "gone nuts".

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Margaret testifies that she felt she had no choice. The judge directs both Margaret and Walter to create a painting in one hour as proof of the real artist.

Margaret paints steadily, but Walter is hesitant, claiming his arm hurts too much to hold a paintbrush.

Margaret completes her painting and wins the lawsuit.

Outside the courthouse, Margaret says she doesn’t care about money and just wants credit for her paintings.

Margaret decides to paint in a different style with elongated features and small eyes, so that she can honestly tell people she is also a painter. While going through a crate Margaret finds a stack of paintings of Parisian street scenes, but they are all signed by S. She realizes Walter paints over the name of the original artist and claims the paintings as his own.

Margaret confronts Walter, he confesses saying he always wanted to be an artist, but never had the talent.

A fan asks her to sign a copy of "Tomorrow's Masters" and she does, finally autographing her own work.