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None of us likes to be rejected, and if we have any empathy about us at all we’re uncomfortable inflicting pain and/or embarrassment on someone – especially since that person’s only crime is thinking we’re kinda neat. When I first signed up for back in 2010 I didn’t know the rules. It turns out that I much prefer being ignored to being acknowledged in cases of rejection.

I remember feeling obliged, when I got a message from a woman who didn’t interest me, to try and craft a nice reply that didn’t make her feel bad about herself. If there’s no contact, it’s harder to take it personally.

Honestly, I don’t get it, and quite frankly think it is rude.

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He set up special dates and it was about having fun and getting to know her.

I met him after date 4 and I thought he was great, funny and kind.

He is 40, divorced 3 years, and has a young daughter.

Anna is 41, also divorced and has 2 kids, one older and one younger than Craig’s. He seemed to like her as he stood there holding her hand. After six dates, the sixth one being this past Sunday night, they had sex.

They met on JDate and she was feeling good about him.

They went to the movies, dinner, even went horseback riding, and really enjoyed each other.

Yesterday she panicked and called him but it went to voicemail and he has not called back. Strangers are rude, men that have seen you naked should not be rude. If you can screw a girl, you should be able to call her. He may still call and if he does, be strong and value yourself.

That is incredibly rude and I am sad for my friend because her feelings are hurt, she is embarrassed, and kicking herself for having sex. Men that show interest and allow you to let your guard down, should not be rude. To my darling friend Anna, I’m sorry you are feeling sad.

I emailed it him my number and said he should give me a call so we can chat. After a morning of emails, with no more than 15 minutes between each correspondence, I never heard from him again.

Something interesting was beginning and in a flash it was over.

In the morning they had coffee, he walked her to her to the car, kissed her good-bye, and said he would call her later in the day.