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Composed of mostly directors, upper-level managers, business owners and the independently wealthy, our prestigious clients are rigorously selected in order to create loving and long-lasting relationships.

We are here to listen to your wishes and needs along the way to helping you meet the right person, your perfect match: pre-selection research, recruitment and evaluation of potential love partners.

Especially if you like sports, the facilities here are wonderful. For the "trailing" spouse it is often difficult to find employment, and then difficult to find good child care so it is important to be aware of that. Check out see the type of activities that other friendly international professionals are organizing.

Before we moved to Switzerland we have lived in the US, Belgium, Spain and Germany. It is important to immediately get linked up and involved in some networks to help smooth the settling in process and make your stay more enjoyable.

Our agency is designed for prestigious Swiss and International clients who we understand can be demanding.

They are “free” matrimonially speaking, serious and motivated.There are all sorts of networks and clubs for English speaking international professionals.A great network for professional women that I can highly recommend is the Geneva Women in International Trade ch Being single and coming to Geneva it can be challenging to meet a nice partner.Our single men are waiting for you right now on our absolutely free dating site, no fees, no pay ever.Find a true soul mate who will be at the height of your expectations; someone who has values you cherish and the right personality cannot be improvised !Geneva Married and three young children Great quality of life in Geneva and Switzerland in general.