Dating someone who has panic attacks

If your friend is showing signs of having a panic attack, but you’re not totally sure, it’s better to be on the safe side and call an ambulance – they can help you know for sure what’s going on and how you can help.

If it is a panic attack, the important thing is to reassure them that it will pass and to help them to focus on something else.

Some people may only feel a handful of things on this list, while others feel all of them at once.

Some people may only have one panic attack in their lifetime, while others may have them regularly.

Also, try to keep well-meaning people from swarming around them.

Their intentions will likely be good, but nothing is worse when you’re having a panic attack than knowing that a bunch of people are watching you while you’re having a panic attack.

If it keeps happening, help them deal with it by encouraging them to see a professional.

Panic is experiencing an intense rush of fear or anxiety, which often leads to physical symptoms, such as a racing heart or sweating.Everything in their body is on high alert, so you want to keep yourself as calm and neutral as possible.Asking them what’s wrong may only make things worse.Find out what a panic attack looks like and when to intervene.Learn which strategies you can use to help someone experiencing a panic attack.First thing’s first: if you’re in a crowd, help them get to a place with a little more privacy.