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In 2008, both Sub Pop and Mudhoney celebrated our 20th anniversaries.

We here at Sub Pop could think of no better way to do so than by putting out as many Mudhoney records as possible.

In the center setting, you get a traditional fuzz tone.

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So, we released an excellent, new (at the time) Mudhoney album called EP in its correct running order, singles, demos, and two blistering live recordings from 1988, all remastered, or in some cases, mastered for the very first time.There are four (4) different versions of “Mudride” here.“Like many purveyors of fuzz, my interest had primarily been focused on Fuzz Faces and Tone Benders, but after sampling a late-’60s Super-Fuzz at Rivington Music in NYC, I realized designer Fumio Mieda caught magic in a bottle,” says Mark Hunter, owner of this ’69 Uni-Fuzz.“I have a few other fuzzes and have spent some time with a Super-Fuzz, but there’s nothing quite like the Uni-Fuzz I found on e Bay. The Superfuzz takes a classic '60s fuzz design and adds resonance and tone circuits to create an amazing new array of tones.

Using the Resonance sub-harmonic booster control, you can dial in aggressive and focused bottom end.

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22, 2009 LP reissue, remastered from original tapes. Comes with download codes.*If you are looking for the CD version of this album, head over to Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition!

Jay Hinman in the liner notes for the deluxed-up “My feeling—and I know I’m not alone in this one—is that for all the play and worldwide attention several Seattle-area bands got during the 1988-92 period, at the end of the day (and even at the time), there was Mudhoney—and then there was everybody else.

To me, you, and most everyone who was paying close attention to underground rock music during those years, Mudhoney still sound like the undisputed kingpins of roaring, surging, fuzzed-out, punk rock music.

In 1967, long before the current multi-effect-Maxwell-Smart craze, the Japanese company Honey launched the dual-purpose Psychedelic Machine.