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That same year, he moved to Hollywood and formed Disney Brothers Studio with his older sibling Roy.

After producing various short, animated cartoons, the studio started making a series in 1927 about a character Walt had developed called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Mouse has gained "thousands" of user profiles since its debut last week, says David Tavres, the site's founder and a former Disneyland cast member. ("I'm a Thumper person" is the choice for rabbit owners.)To actually mingle with the Mouse fans, you know, make contact with others on the website, requires a monthly subscription price of .55.

"Disney fans are literally all over the world," Tavres said. "I wanted the number to be low enough that people would not be scared – no barrier to entry. but at the same time I want this to be a service that people take seriously and don’t create a bunch of fake profiles," said Tavres, a self-described "Disney nerd." Tavres says he looked at other dating sites such as e Harmony, Jdate and Farmers Only.

Mickey Mouse made his official debut in a 1928 short film titled “Steamboat Willie,” one of the first cartoons ever to use synchronized sound effects.

The rodent quickly became a star, and soon there were Mickey Mouse Clubs for children as well as merchandise and a comic strip.

Disney spent his time driving Red Cross officials and doing other tasks before being discharged in 1919.

Following his Red Cross service, Disney moved to Kansas City, hoping to become a newspaper cartoonist.

The ramp-up of the site has been much faster than he expected, he said.

During an interview, he picked 10 profiles at random.

It was in Marceline—a small-town community Disney remembered as an adult as having been idylli—that he first received encouragement for his burgeoning interest in drawing, from both an aunt as well as a neighbor who was a retired doctor.