Dating when you have roommates

Is it because they think that there is something going on or there had been something going on?

I understand the "past experience" thing but why is it that I have to be held responisible for that? he cares about the guys your bringing around, if they will steal his stuff or get an attitude where he has to defend you and he is hoping your dating doesnt't lead to that.

If you’re still in college and sharing a bedroom with a roommate, do not have sex while the roommate is in the room. They are completely aware of what you’re doing.) On Shower Sex Do whatever you want in the shower, but if someone else has to use the bathroom for non-recreational purposes (like getting ready for work in the morning). It’s not imperative that you do so, but definitely polite.

If anyone where to come over to the house they would see exactly what I am talking about. We became friends shortly after I moved to a new town; about 4 months later, he needed a place to stay.

Does it boil down to men can't trust women that have male friends and vise versa? I knew he had ulterior-motives when he moved in, but I was in a tough spot financially.

In my personal experience, meaning every time I've had a male roommate, or anytime I've known a person rooming with a member of the opposite sex, unless there's a large, large age difference, or one of them is gay, something always develops between them at some point.[had to steal this from him^^^--I've had two live-ins that started out as "roommate situations]It is easier for me to have a man as a roommate as opposed as a ever have seen 2 or more women living together you would understand what I am saying.

And when I say that NOTHING ever has nor will ever be between us it is because it is the GOD'S honest truth. I shouldn't be penelized for having a male as a roommate. Tom While I'm not in the "world of dating" (just testing the waters), I also have a male roommate.

The very idea of having a roommate might make you cringe, but it can be a good thing.

There are several reasons why people choose to share their living space with another person.I wouldnt want stangers in my house, sleeping, eating, taking showers, spending the night.He may not know all your dating entails or of you frequently bring men home and is just gonna mind his own business...I had a female roommate once and it was awesome but I admit there were quite a few awkward moments when one or both had quests over. if she asked me if I wanted coffee I would come over and give her a hug and kiss and ask how her night was... If she ignored me then I would get my coffee and just be cool. guys like to think they are the only ones peeing on that bush and to find out they are not, by default, the alpha male, they tend to bolt. I don't want to have to explain a roommate first off, Second, It's nice to see that someone I am interested in has the capability to keep a home together by themselves. After living together for one month (almost to the day ~ lol), neither of us was seeing anyone, so we tried on the sexual-relationship.The men she brought home would always get VERY uncomfortable when I came down for coffee. We had the same reactions and same signals when I had a guest over... Okay, we don't match sexually ~ I still consider him my best friend.Hopefully your roommate will just slip on some headphones and let it slide: remember to do the same for them if the situation is ever reversed.