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But I do love their music.” She said Delevingne was “the only reason I went to Bedales and the only person I knew in the beginning”, adding: “I was in her dorm and she was kind of like my older sister.

She was hilarious, actually, and we had so much fun.” Taylor, who has a younger sister, Lola, and older brother, Rufus, the drummer with The Darkness, is signed to Select Model Management and has appeared on the cover of Teen Tatler, but has yet to decide on a definite career path. Fashion Monthly her focus was on her studies at Sussex University. I’d like to move on to novel writing and maybe journalism.

“We had a man whose job was to find unusual people,” recalls Taylor.

“In America, he hired a guy whose thing was to lie on the ground, covered in these great, big cold meat collations that Americans love.

Freddie’s job was to provide the unusual, to be the front man, to deliver the music.

There was never any question of resenting him – I could never have done what he did. He not only created his voice, he channelled it quite brilliantly.” That’s not, of course, to downplay the vocal contributions or song-writing talents of the other members that gave their work such a unique sound. “We had this very unusual blend of voices, and we made the most of it.

“My father had a steady job for the Potato Marketing Board and the family emphasis was on getting to university.

The only reason I chose dentistry was because my biology teacher said it was well paid.” ''Mixed feelings,” he sighs.

The daughter of Queen drummer Roger Taylor says she used to love her father’s music — until her schoolfriends started teasing her about it.

Model Tigerlily Taylor went to boarding school Bedales in Hampshire, where the “hilarious” Cara Delevingne was her dorm-mate.

Roger, 64 I first became a dad when I was 30, and by then Queen had been together for 10 years.

But being a bit of a rocker, I didn’t get married until eight years later.

I’d always seen marriage like a mortgage — one of those society plots designed to tie you down.