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Young, his family migrated from Ohio to Indiana, between 18, indicating George M. Significantly, since Mary Jane Green was born in 1850, she was only twelve years old in 1862, or eleven years old if this marriage occurred in A. Young, born Ohio, as their mother, as it is inconsistent with the other part of the census record, listing her and her parents, as born in the State of Pennsylvania. Young, born West Virginia; father born Maryland, mother born Virginia; he is married to: Mary J. Young, ( [Herbert Pearman Shelton, born , Marion, Grant, Indiana, son of John Herbert Shelton, died , Fall Branch, Washington, Tennessee; retired printer, buried , City Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan, Tenn.]; buried 22 July 1941, Kingsport Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee; residence given as Fall Branch, Washington, Tennessee; her death record states father is George Young and incorrectly states her mother is Mary Ann Westfall, who is born in Indiana. Young is listed in the 1870 Census of Pleasant Township, Grant, Indiana, with his first wife Martha, as an Engineer by occupation, age 36, born 1834, in Virginia; Martha Young, ( Also, Abraham Bragg, 1870 Census - age 20, born 1850, in Indiana; Farm Laborer; On the same census page, a few doors away, is the family of Henry Bragg, with George Westfall, age 14; Rowana L. Westfall, age 3 - age 38; laborer, married], Xenia, Greene County, Ohio; buried Woodland Cemetery, Xenia, Greene County, Ohio [His burial record does not appear in Woodland Cemetery: Online; notice from Xenia Semi-Weekly Gazette, dated Tuesday, .] Intended and married (1) , Miami County, Ohio, ; (1880 Census); J. - [Surviving Randy are two sisters, Debra Kathryn (Jeff) Tacket of WV and Mary Jean Van Kirk of TN and a brother, Terry Lee Lloyd of NC] - Randy Carl Lloyd (1953 - 2010), born , Niles, Berrien, Michigan; died , Niles, Berrien, Michigan; married Diane (Woolwine) Hively They had posterity.

) I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. Got own place, 61 acres of fruit, grapes, oysters, berries, & farm plus 40 acres of timber. Foreman for Cement Contractors & also finisher; foreman of Construction, Public Works Dept., for the City of . - , Ponca City, Kay and Osage Counties, Oklahoma; married 1944, Gladys Bryant They had posterity. (1976) He was the son of the late Herman and Edna Greene of Xenia and resided here until two or three years ago. Andrew's Statement: I am the clament in the above claim - a great injury years ago I applied for a pension in claim #217559 - it was rejected. I have no property at all of any kind and I am dependent in what little labor I can do and Charity. Indigent Soldier's fund and also assisted by the Trustees of Xenia township of Greene Co., Ohio - 30 June 1890. - Carolyn Rupley; (1940 Census - age 5, born 1935, in Indiana) - Ralph C. 7 grandchildren; Mark & Brian Thompson, Jeremy Beeks, Highley Devine, Kimberly Montgomery, Jason Thompson and Cari Fekete, along with 12 great grandchildren]; married , Marion, Grant, Indiana, Lillian R. Thompson; married Stephen Hazelet; (of Markle, Indiana) - Linda L.

I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you, for putting your hand into my heaped-up heart, and passing over all the foolish, weak things that you cant help dimly seeing there, and for drawing out, into the light, --- all the beautiful belongings that no one else had looked quite far enough to find. Thomas Milton Greene and son and daughter of Dayton, Ohio. Put in at Queens Town, Ireland & towed up the river to Cork, Ireland. Chief Engineer on Tug Echo, a Fire Boat, largest & most powerful on the Sound at that time: 2000 gal/minute. - Deborah Christine Jump, born , Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky; died - Harold Dawson Jump, born , Williamstown, Grant, Kentucky; died ; married Mary _____ - Raymond Ervin Jump (1926 - 2007), born , Owenton, Owen, Kentucky; died ; ( (Images). - Julie Ann Jump (of Independence, Kentucky) - Pamela Jean Jump; married (1) Paul Mc Kean; (of Elko, Nevada) They had posterity. He is survived by two brothers, Omar of Cincinnati and Carl Greene of Dayton and two sisters, Mrs. [Tradition from correspondence: "Dear cousin Tommy - Hazel a double cousin, makes you the same as a first cousin, don't it? Thompson, born , Grant County, Indiana; (1920 Census); (1930 Census); died in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana - , born , Grant County, Indiana; (1930 Census); died 06 July 2011, Warren, Huntington, Indiana; [Survivors include . Thompson; married James / Jim Landis; (of Hartford City, Indiana) - Wayne A.

Thus, everything considered, first child, Mary J(ane) Green, born in Pennsylvania and 5 months old, or, after Feb 14th to March 14th, in A. This extended family has residence in Sweetzer, Grant, Indiana. Young was married at least twice, and Mary Jane Green was his second wife. Young has her estimated marriage year of 1874//1875, most likely in Indiana; furthermore, listed as mother of only two children, both living, which match to the 1880 Census, of Mary E. Joseph, Indiana; died , Niles, Berrien, Michigan; (Obituary); daughter of Robert Shoemaker and Sarah Brown They had posterity.

* Search Results - " Mifflin County (Pa.)"] (Comment: Nine months of pregnancy, from 21 June 1849, would approximate ; also, to enumeration date of , is approximately a period of five months [less approximately 7 calendar days, noting the female child was listed as aged 5/12}. The date for birth, given at time of death, is off by two years, as the U. Young entry has his father born Maryland and his mother born Virginia. Wogoman married (2) , Nancy Lee Shoemaker, born , Mishawaka, St.

Van Lue / Vanlue and Elizabeth Pettit They had posterity. Williams; (1930 Census - age 9, born 1921, in Michigan); married _____ Frucci; (of Niles) - Benny J.

Thompson & Willa Jane Mc Clenahen, married David Thompson & Mary M. - Marie Williams; (1930 Census - age 8, born 1922, in Michigan); (1940 Census) - Juanita / Wanita Williams; (1930 Census - age 7, born 1923, in Michigan); (1940 Census) - (male) _____ Williams, born about 1929, in Michigan; died , Berrien County, Michigan, Olive Pearl Van Lue / Vanlue, born 1900 / 1901, in Indiana; daughter of Frances / Francis / Frank A.

Thompson, born ; (1880 Census - age 8, born 1872, in Indiana); died , Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana; married , Grant County, Indiana, Darius / Dee Williams, born , Marion, Grant, Indiana; ( , St. Reum; (1930 Census - age 36, born 1894, in Michigan); daughter of G. Chris / Christian Reum and Wilhelmina Scharfenberg They had posterity. Williams; (1930 Census - age 5, born 1925, in Ohio) - James Williams, born 1892, in Indiana - Walter Williams, born ; (1900 Census - in Indiana); ( Harry Horton Hood and Nancy Anna Harris They had posterity.

Young; she and her parents, all are listed as born Pennsylvania.] Mary Jane Green and George M. [Research Notes: Charles Westfall, in the 1880 Census, born 1868, in Ohio, is listed above with a Step Son relationship to George M. - Candy Lloyd; married Anthony Kieta; (of Niles) Ella Jean Wogoman married (2) ), Robert Elmer Shoemaker; died Aug 2002 - Richard Allen Wogoman (1935 - 1967), born , Niles, Berrien, Michigan; died , Edwardsburg, Berrien, Michigan; married , Edwardsburg, Berrien, Michigan, Joanne Brewer - Shirley Wogoman, born 1937; married Harold Wise - Sharon Joyce Wogoman, born July 1939; married (1) _____ Baker Sharon Joyce Wogoman married (2) _____ Tielking - Charles Wogoman, born - James Wogoman, born ; married Marcie _____ - Rodger Allen Wogoman, born - Sarah R.

So, they went very stiff and straight out and she couldn't close her hand.]; ]; at Bowersville [Nursing Home], Greene County, Ohio, USA. [He was 69 years of age as of , born Dodsonville, Highland County, Ohio; farmer, son of Martin Rector and his wife Mary Elizabeth Dove. Mary Elizabeth Greene was married once before; widowed, Mrs. Greene, were able to read, write and speak English. Greene was a Stone Mason, born Nov 1860, in Ohio; his wife is listed as Mary E Greene, born Dec 1867; both married 16 years; she, the mother of 5 children, of which 4 are living; [Research Note: At that time, Mary E. Dutch, it is thought that his parents came from Holland on the border of Germany between 1600-1799, and that Green was Gruen in Dutch. - George Washington Fansler, born , Grant County, Indiana; (1880 Census); (1900 Census); ( , Neave Township, Darke, Ohio; daughter of Frank Griner and Ida Zimmerman They had posterity.

William Rector was married once before, Wife deceased. (Thompson) Greene was pregnant with Hazel; census dated 02 June 1900; Hazel born 13 June 1900.]. It is believed that in the early days of his life, he resided in Harrisburg, Pa., and that possibly he was born in Dry Run, Franklin Co., Pa. ] for Brown Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, sheets 201A and 201B, enumerated on , lines 39-40 and line 1 respectively; dwelling 124, family 129: Andrew Green, aged 25, M (male), occupation: Laborer, Birthplace: PA (Pennsylvania); Matilda Green, aged 20, F (female), Birthplace: PA (Pennsylvania); Mary J. (of Bradford) - Thelma Marcille Fansler, born , Darke County, Ohio; (1910 Census); (1920 Census); (1930 Census); died , in Ohio; married (1) _____ Cole They had posterity. Cole; (Fansler - 1930 Census - age 8/12, born 1929, in Ohio); (1940 Census - age 10) Thelma Marcille Fansler married (2) _____ Morris - Harold Deen Fansler, born , Darke County, Ohio; died , Greenville Township, Darke, Ohio; mother listed as Cora Grimes (sic) - Orla Fansler; (1920 Census - age 3y 4m, born 1916, in Ohio): (1930 Census) - Carol W.

Fenner was ordained a minister of the Christian Church in 1877; lived in Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio, until 1887; he preached at Pleasant Hill; Herald of Gospel Liberty, by the General Convention of the Christian Church. Garrett [, born , Sweetser, Grant, Indiana; died , South Bend, St.