Arabic cam live Diablo open beta updating setup files

I have mac OS 10.6.8, just installed all my software updates, did the administrator thing and ive had no luck. Dying to play this game, it'd be cool to get a response asap, Thanks!

All is well, then when i close the application and try to open it again.It will bring up a little loading bar of Checking for Updates, then bring up the initial Diablo 3 Install page.When I try to install it, a popup window with the following message shows up: "Failed to create a required directory("/Users/Shared/"). just open a terminal and then rewrite the user permissions to your user:1. write this command: sudo chown -R yourusername:staff /Applications/Diablo\ III3. Please make sure you are running as an administrator and try again. For the digital version of Diablo III, right-click the Diablo III installer icon and select Run as administrator.

For the DVD version, click Start and Computer, then right-click the DVD and choose Open.Will there be a patch within the month to somehow make it work, or will a refund be more just?I only ask because I don't wanna pay a dollar more to the applestore than I have to :! I bought Diablo 3 two days ago now and I haven't figured out how to install it.I see others are talking about a zip file as well, but I do not have any in my diablo file. Hope this helps for some of you - have a good experience with D3!I am having troubles finding an answer and would love some help. We ended up going out to get a hard copy as well hoping it would bypass the problem, but.... and I have been on hold for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes now calling blizzard for help cause I get no answer here. Probably you have an old version since the beta, etc. Below is instructions from troubleshooting: Issues with the Agent helper program may prevent Diablo III from installing or updating properly.Also, we cannot support the game on a non-administrator account.