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If this doesn't helps you, maybe you also have to clean up *files in sources directory.But I think it would be enough, if you just hard-reboot.In the process, it also checks the length of the source file against the length of the source used to generate a given bytecode (stored in bytes 8 to 11).

django pyc not updating-73

Python source files are compiled into bytecode and saved on disk in form of files which are then used by the Python virtual machine.

These files are generated automatically and on the fly on every machine where the code runs so it's pretty much useless to share them with collaborators.

Gunicorn does not reload my application properly, even with a restart of the specific gunicorn process PID.

When I run a basic [program:ost2] autostart=true command=/usr/local/share/python/gunicorn --debug\ -c /Users/fish/Dropbox/ost2/ost2/utils/gunicorn/ost2wsgi_debug directory=/Users/fish/Dropbox/ost2/ost2 priority=500 ; (etc) [program:ost2-reloader] autostart=true autorestart=false directory=/tmp command=/usr/local/share/python/watchmedo shell-command\ --patterns="*.py;*.txt;*.html;*.css;*.less;*.js;*.coffee"\ -R --command='kill -HUP $(cat /usr/local/gunicorn/'\ /Users/fish/Dropbox/ost2/ost2/ priority=996 ; (etc) (N. I put the slashes in that sample before newlines that aren't actually in the conf file -- I inserted those newlines for legibility; I am not sure if that works IRL) The first program is the gunicorn process, which I run in a single thread during development in order to use the Werkzeug debugger.

I know that sounds stupid but, why don't you stop Apache, can you still run the page then?

IF you can then you definitely don't have the correct server.

If you need to create a file for a module that is not imported, you can use the py_compile and compileall modules.

The py_compile module can manually compile any module.

When you run the program next time, Python uses this file to skip the compilation step.

One reason that a file may not be created is permissions problems with the directory.

Running a script is not considered an import and no will be created.