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UPDATE 2010: I've been inactive on here for a long time but I have released new hentai content elsewhere.

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:'(Il y a ce jeu vidéo en ligne pour les filles qui sort bientôt en Français aussi, Campus Island , jeu de séduction avec des jolis garçons à rencontrer !Voir leur site ici : j'ai aimé leur page Facebook pour suivre les news ! " Emiko glared at him as she stepped around the corner. "It's his first date, and I want to capture it forever. " Emiko stalked past Satoshi, who paused, then follwed her and Daisuke towards the theater.* * *Riku sighed and shifted from foot to foot as she waited for the street light to change. " Keiji glared at her and Takeshi said, "What's the rush? " She paused a moment to let her statement sink in, then ran after her sister, with two boys in tow.* * *Daisuke was relieved to see Riku just arriving as he did. / Dark: //Trust me, she does.//Daisuke leaned forward and brushed his lips over Riku's. Dark: //I told you so.// Daisuke: /Shut up./Riku stood and held her hand out to Daisuke. "Oh, when I get a hold of that Riku, I'll make her tell me aaaaaaaaall the details, I swear! The two made it to the aisle with no other problems, and quietly snuck out of the theater.

Daisuke followed Riku and tried to ignore it when her skirt rode up. // Daisuke: /I don't want to know./ Dark: //Her legs are very nice by the way.// Daisuke: /I'm trying not to look./ Dark: //Too bad....//Daisuke missed it when Riku stopped, and so fell right on top of her. I think I'm stuck to the floor." Daisuke levered himself up, blushing, and helped Riku peel herself off the floor. "Dark: //Hah.// Daisuke: /Shut up./"Ummmm..."Emiko clapped her hands. Oh well, I'll just throw something together."Daisuke: "..."Dark: //.... I see your point.//Daisuke sighed as his mother dragged him off to make "adjustments."* * *BAM BAM BAM! Daisuke sat in the center of the mess on the floor, wearing faded jeans and a white t-shirt. // Daisuke: /....something./ Dark: //Your first date with Riku is tonight, isn't it? No./ Dark: //You can't wear that red thing on a date. That's why you've emptied your closet looking for something to wear.// Daisuke: /Well... Daisuke and Riku are on their very first date, and I'm not gonna miss it! Dark: //She wants you to kiss her.// Daisuke: /How do you know? " Risa, Emiko, Takeshi and Keiji stood outside the movie theater and looked around for Daisuke and Riku. Risa continued to rant for a few more minutes, then turned to go home herself.