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He also shares his secrets of dissolving the problem of belly fat and gives a solution to make fast healthy fixes which was discussed in his book, The Lean Belly Prescription.

He also appeared in Three Rivers which was medical drama in 2009. Charlotte Brown on june 30, 2012 whom he was in relation for three years with her and had a romantic vacation in Hawaii. Charlotte brown exchanged vows in appearance of family members and friends which was held in Colorado Mountains. He tweeted that “My days as a “bachelor” are nearing an end” on June 20. His real occupation is ER doctor at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a biography Travis Lane Stork was born on March 9, 1972 in Fort Collins, Colorado., so that makes his age 36.

“There was another customer who was celebrating her birthday,” says the insider, “and Carrie joined in and sang ‘Happy Birthday!

’” Earlier this month, Travis received an all-access pass and accompanied Carrie during her “Carnival Ride” tour.

The two are still friends and deny that there are any hard feelings about the breakup.

Travis Stork was chosen to host a daytime medical/talk show The Doctors.

Carrie, a vegetarian, began with the ravioli and the beet salad and then had an omelet for her entrée.

“They ordered a bottle of Malbec and two bottles of Evian water,” says the insider. Stork proposed to his girlfriend of two years, pediatrician Dr. not more than we have against anyone who dates Carrie, that is. On the Paris edition of that ridiculous show, he chose - and promptly broke up with - contestant Sarah Stone. The couple cozied up at Parc restaurant in Philadelphia on Oct. “They came in around 8 p.m.,” an insider tells Life & Style.He completed his emergency medicine residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.Travis Stork is known for more than his medical skills.He appeared on The Bachelor, where he chose school teacher, Sarah Stone to be his bride.