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After battling for an hour and throwing back every race diss thrown at him, Marshall made it to second place losing in a slip up.

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He helped produce several tracks and was on the best songs of the album.Now officially making it, Marshall and Dre set to make his second LP. Here's a 27-year-old version of the Slim Shady songbird looking serious in Dublin back in 1999 (left) and 16 years later ... READ MORE The terminally ill fan Eminem visited over the weekend, passed away Monday afternoon ...He settled on the Eastside of Detroit when he was 12.Switching schools every two to three months made it difficult to make friends, graduate and to stay out of trouble.In the crowd were a few producers from Interscope, and they were handed a copy of the "Infinite" tape by way of a demo. Dre got to hear it and eventually tracked him down.

The two instantly hit it off, recording four songs in their first six hours of working - three which made it to his first LP. Dre asked Marshall to come work with him on his new album.Being rejected by most fellow rappers because of his race, Marshall grew an anger that flows through his music to this day.After failing the 9th grade for three times in a row, he quit school, but has remarked that he does not consider himself stupid and does not advise that people should follow his example. Forcing himself on radio shows, freestyle battles, Marshall threw himself head first into the rap game, where he was swallowed up most of the time.Drake has been known to start feuds with the other men in Rihanna’s life, but never with anyone half as powerful in the music industry as Eminem. Do you think the rumors are true and they are hooking up behind the scenes of the Monster Tour? If you're a fan of Eminem's music, then you're likely aware of his tumultuous relationship with his baby mama, Kim.She has a short attention span when it comes to guys.” If you have seen any videos or photos from Rihanna and Eminem’s Monster Tour, then you will see that the sparks between them on stage are undeniable, and there is most likely some truth to this report.